Asus zenfone 4: last chance for Asus!

Asus is a renowned company in terms of computing. It is known for its PCs, laptop, and other computer components. It entered into the mobile market by launching Asus Zenfone 5 series for the first time which was a ‘value for money’ option at that time with respect to its features.

Again, in 2015 Asus launched the successor of Zenfone 5; namely Zenfone 2. By launching this series, Asus again claimed better specifications in less price. Even Asus stood up for what it claimed. The Zenfone 2 series was one of the best series that Asus ever made and they were one of the best options among all rivals at that time. After this big thumbs up, people were expecting a little bit more from its next chapter. On May 2016, Asus introduced its Zenfone 3 series by claiming that it had better camera experience. But in reality, the sales of Zenfone 3 series phones were not as per expectation though it was good phone series. One main reason for the drop in sales was the pricing policy of the company. The price of this series was comparatively higher or we can say other companies offered better specs at the lesser price.

Now Asus is going to launch its next series of smartphones (Zenfone 4) in coming days. I would like to say something ahead of launch. The smartphone market has been more competitive day by day. Many companies offering a whole package at a very attractive price. As a user, we always search value in the box. And we also expect more from the global brand like Asus.

Therefore, this time Asus repeats the same; who knows, it may be the last chance for Asus!

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